Samsung’s Android 4.3 Rollout Schedule On Screen



Here it is folks, the dates you can expect your Android 4.3 update on your Samsung device.

Note 2

  • Verizon – November 29th
  • AT&T – November 20th
  • Sprint – November 20th
  • T-Mo – December 2nd


  • Verizon – November 22nd
  • AT&T – November 13th
  • Sprint – November 6th
  • T-mo – November 25th LTE


  • Verizon – October 28th
  • AT&T – November 13th
  • Sprint – October 30th
  • T-mo – November 18th LTE

GS4 Active

  • Verizon – N/A
  • AT&T – December 24th
  • Sprint – N/A
  • T-mo – N/A

There ya have it, keep an eye out for your update and let us know when you get it!

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