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Expensive Tempered Glass membrane ipad mini

Expensive Tempered Glass membrane ipad mini


This is a specially treated glass stickers, both scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, anti-fingerprint, which can greatly reduce the screen due to the damage caused by strong collision.
Tempered glass membrane characteristics:
1 surface after oil treatment, so that the surface of the fingerprint and oil is not easy to stay clean simple.
2 full lamination, automatic adsorption, lamination can be repeated
3 full transparency: the thickness of 0.4mm, is chemically treated transparent tempered glass.
4 Surface hardness: The surface hardness of 8-9H, the ordinary three times the strength of the PET. Knives and keys will not cut the
5 delicate touch: the back of a strong adhesive, easy to install, close to the screen, it will not affect the touch screen touch sensitivity.
6. Proof, shatterproof glass, broken into small pieces without sharp, safer than any other glass products

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