Nuances of Satire: Falling into GTA V’s Biopolitical Trap


Higher Level Gamer

By Erik and Gaines

Ever since Grand Theft Auto V’s (GTA 5) release, there have been a series of blog posts concerning the deviant and aberrant behavior one can engage in within the game. Topics of discussion have ranged from the ease of initiating sexual encounters with strippers to the rampant misogyny found within the game’s world. Overall, these criticisms are largely correct: it is very easy to have sexual encounters with prostitutes; the game is plagued with misogynistic moments; and the in-game violence does present itself as the easy solution to all problems.

There has also been criticism about whether or not these events represent a satire of everyday American life, or if they are merely gratuitous in nature. However, we would like to argue that, for satire, parody, and meaning-making to emerge, an internally consistent world is necessary where violence and misogyny become the norm…

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